How Does Learn Build Earn Stack Up? An Insider’S Look

How Does Learn Build Earn Stack Up? An Insider’S Look


Many small business owners work out of their house and conduct their business out in the marketplace. Carpet cleaners, plumbers, and so on would be examples of this.

For example, think of the weight loss industry, how many websites do you suppose are online that promote some sort of diet or fitness product? Probably too many to count. But what if you narrowed your focus to a smaller segment of that market, a niche? How about trying something like weight loss for new moms, or weight loss for teenage girls? Neither of those would be as saturated as a generic weight loss site would be.

Mix this format with some intelligent digital marketing and you have a marketing medium that not only delivers results, but is trackable, controllable and engaging.

Be truthful. Promote products that you believe in and have personally tested and proven to be really excellent. Review writers often commit the mistake of writing good things about a product just because they are given large amounts of money as commission, even though they haven’t even tried the product. The credibility you labored over a long time to build will come crashing down quickly if you do this. I believe people will agree with me when I say no amount of money is worth your reputation and credibility.

The Truth: After product selection, there are other considerations to be made in order to make the product sell. You have to select the best marketing method to place your site on the first few pages of search engines. You also have to drive traffic to your site as well. You can’t just place an affiliate marketing site and leave it; you have to sell the site as well.

PPC can be very effective but it does take some time to learn the in’s and out’s of the process. The only way to learn is to actually place ads so you will be spending money while you are learning, and more than likely you won’t have very many sales to show for your efforts right at the start.

The Commission Blueprint formula is a simple method of applying a process of elimination with regard to Clickbank products and keyword research. It is a mathematical approach that absolutely takes the guesswork out of setting up a successful AdWords campaign. Now I am not good at math, but this wasn’t hard for me to learn. And…no one likes to lose money with Google! Many marketers jump right in with a pay per click ad and find out it’s not so easy….only AFTER losing a bunch of money. I for one have been guilty of that. With the Commission Blueprint formula, I have a goal, a process to follow over and over, and tons of resource material at my fingertips. Steven and Tim have gone out of their way to make it easy to understand the principles of Learn Build Earn strategies and how to apply them.

If you are in a niche that provides a lot of useful information to people you might consider having a ‘donate’ link or button. Blogs about personal development tend to have this system working well for them. If you feel like you help your readers add value to their lives, why not ask them for a small fee to help with the hosting charges?

Because most visitors do not buy on their first visit, it is important that the merchant has a tracking cooking of at least six months. This way if the customer decides, several months later to purchase the product or use the service you still make the commission. Learn Build Earn

Once you get a system in place that is working you can then just repeat this in other themes and continue on until your income is at the level you want to be.